As a friend, I always feel happy when my girls fall in love. As a matter of fact, happy is not even enough to portray how much I feel for them. I’m exhilarated, euphoric, overjoyed. It has always been an indescribable joy to accompany them stalk their crushes, and to make frivolous jokes such as, “Look how messy his moustache is, he must not have been shaving for years!” or “Aiyo dear, you’re so short while he’s so tall, the only thing from his body that you can kiss is his belly button!” or “Dear, when you are bored you can play with his big belly, it must be so freaking elastic! You can see it as a drum as well!” at their crushes.

In the beginning, I thought I could be happy for my girls no matter who they are crazy for, but I was entirely wrong. The moment she fell for or got in a relationship with someone you consider inappropriate, you would realise you wouldn’t feel the same thrill anymore. Okay I absolutely understand that as a good friend I should unequivocally support my girls whatever the decision they made. I’m not that egocentric that I only think about myself and do not take her feelings into my consideration, but there must be a reason why we, her best friends, think he’s inapposite. It’s most likely because he’s only nice to you, because he likes you, while he treats other people like trash. Please utilise your brain and your logical thinking to realise that one day when he stops adoring you he will treat you the way he behaves towards other people! Or perhaps all of us, but you, are aware that he, currently, has a bunch of girls that he as well flirts with?

Keep calm and ponder.

When everyone around you including your own best friends dislike your crush or your boyfriend, you should begin to question why you even like him.


He might think that I’ve completely moved on, but the truth is I never did. A part of my heart loathes him to the bones to the core to the max, but to be honest, the another part refuses to do so, and it always will…

Even since I was a high school student I’ve been pondering over this peculiar chemistry that happens between male and female. Yeah I admit I didn’t have much experience on this sphere, but it was normal to have questions, wasn’t it? One of my biggest anxieties is: How long does love (between two people of different genders and without consanguinity) actually last? I’ve seen lots of high school couples who seemed to be affectionate towards each other and the next day everything blew up and they would break up. Then you would see the girl/boy in the relationship having a new crush, the story went on until they became a new couple and then broke up again. Isn’t it ironically paradoxical? I know it is not an uncommon phenomenon among juvenile high school students, but it leads me to another question: How many people does a person need to date before finding the true one, and would the last ‘harbour’ feel just as passionate as the first one did? I don’t know.

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