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  • I’m unexpectedly back to my horrible old 日夜顛倒 sleep schedule! Presently, I wake up in the afternoon and fall asleep in the morning around 5. If you question me what I usually do in the morning before I sleep, you’ll find out soon.
  • I am currently suffering from period cramp and mood swings. I’ve been getting furious, quite frequently, for no reason and crying over small problems these days. Like yesterday when I could not sleep, reminiscences began to float all over my head and I began to get all those miscellaneous feelings: acute outrage, gloom, woefulness. At this moment, my drama queen level: 97 of 100.
  • The most shocking news of the day is: I failed my Java exam! I can’t believe it after how painstakingly I’ve been working on it previously. I regretted wasting my time on revising instead of going out fooling around. Man, I hate the fact that revising for Java used to be one of the reasons I stay awake until 3 AM.
  • Whereas the end of semester is approaching it is time to deal with assignment deadlines! Current assignment to deal with is Communication Studies’ research report!
  • Man, I miss summer so damn terribly I can’t help fantasizing how awesome it feels to go out in tank tops and short pants. But fortunately, I’m going home sooooonnnnnnnn! Fingers crossed xx


Hi, it has been 3 months since the last time I logged into Tumblr. As expected, life has been pretty stagnant these days. Went back to Indonesia for summer vacation at the end of July then came back to China in early September. It was extremely uplifting to see my family again!


I got my dental braces last summer, that’s number one reason why my smile (with my mouth shut) turned out somewhat peculiar these days (it is kinda heartbreaking to discover that I no longer look good in photos hehe), in spite of this I’m looking forward to see the result to see whether these unable-to-bite-days pay off or not. Fingers crossed!

So, I got a new roommate this semester. Last vacation I’ve been petrified by the thoughts of having evil roommate (because I spent my vacation watching Don’t Trust The B in Apt 23) who smokes, holds perpetual parties inside the dorm, poos but doesn’t flush, raises a pet, stays awake with loud music on till dawn, bla bla bla, but THANK GOD that my new roommate turns out to be VERY NICE! She’s a lovely Korean girl, at the same time is tremendously considerate, friendly, attentive, doesn’t smoke, keeps our dormitory room tidy, and the most important thing, unlike other foreigners, she takes off her shoes before stepping into our room! Definitely the best foreign roommate I could ever wish for!

Bought these racks as a replacement for my table which is such a massive waste of space. Simple and efficient, still untidy though. Ignore my Stitch towel.

Oh yeah, I finally start cooking soup. Just sayin’. Quite an achievement, actually. No photos, next time perhaps?

Recent photos:

Wansong Academy, photo credits go to Mishael!

Xixi Wetlands

Hangzhou Expo 2012 fireworks, photo’s courtesy: here

Irritating issues are inevitable. Good night.

Wish I had read this before doing Cultural Anthropology presentation with Korean students this morning so I didn’t have to feel unnecessarily nervy all along!
Exams are approaching, and so are paper deadlines. I wish everyone the very best of luck :) 大家一起加油咯~♥

Wish I had read this before doing Cultural Anthropology presentation with Korean students this morning so I didn’t have to feel unnecessarily nervy all along!

Exams are approaching, and so are paper deadlines. I wish everyone the very best of luck :) 大家一起加油咯~♥

Hey loves :) It has been quite a while since the last time I blogged. I seriously have lots of things I need to write but have been too lazy to do so since ever :D

As it is widely known that a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll come up with a  few photos before I begin grumbling:

Boring short trip to Nanxun. Nah the only reason I uploaded this pic is because the colour balance is awesome :D


Finally got to see a real panda! *sua pa kau* Dirty and despicable, though.

The ultimate way to (temporary) happiness, credits to either Xunmin or Mishael

Lingyin Temple

I like this so much!! Credits to Ari

Camwhoring :p

Recently I am always petrified by the thoughts of encountering deadly exams and paper assignments. Java and advanced maths keep freaking the eff out of me. Feel like telling Zheda to just lemme pass and gimme my credits lar!

Credits to Mark!

And here is a fact that I keep forgetting: I’m (finally) nineteen. Hereby express the most genuine gratitude to my friends who got the surprise done, I really loved and valued it. So, there is precisely one year left before embarking 20. I don’t wanna bitch around about how nasty and how elderly that age is, but I truthfully wish I could stay eighteen in perpetuity. You know what, growing up a.k.a getting old means one step closer to being entirely dependent and responsible. I utterly dislike the feeling of being relied on, instead I prefer relying on others.

Which is why I’m glad I found my girls here, the girls whom I probably wouldn’t have met if I hadn’t come to Zheda. Thank you for providing me a constant patronage and loyal ears whenever I’m feeling low and am in need of reliance. To cut a long story short, thanks for being the people I could always talk to, covering mostly every topic that I would never even have the guts to mention in front of others.

Other than that, I finally heard from someone again and it did drive me exhilarated for a while. It is nasty how the person who previously made you feel numb appears to be the only person who can heal you from it even after years. I feel horrible now. Yeah I am dreadful. Another mood swing is occurring.

I miss home. And you.

Grow up!

What I’m gonna write now is conceivably going to provoke others’ animosity towards me but I do feel that there is a need to express these thoughts promptly without any delay. I’ve been keeping these thoughts in my mind for quite a long time however it took time to put these thoughts into apt words.

To begin, this is going to be about the birthday ‘brutality’ which has constantly been occurring among my fellow students here since quite a long time ago.

Call me old-fashioned, but in my humble opinion, birthday celebrations are supposed to be unforgettable in a positive way. It is meant to be an occasion full of joy, laughter, and blessing. Not an event in which people bait each other and make others look like trashy fools. No. In consequence, it is an unmitigated shame on you if you deem such silly celebrations amusing. Does anybody else agree with me?

You called these fun? Yes, it is, but only from the viewpoint of the spectators and the ‘persecutors’, not from the viewpoint of the birthday kids themselves. These occasions are indeed memorable. I mean, please, who on earth would ever forget the day when your friends pour a disgustingly stinky mixture consisting of coffee + cooking oil + flour + eggs + etc onto your whole body while your body is helplessly tied to the streetlight? I suppose that a person who had been soaked by this sort of mixture before would perpetually bear in mind that his friends weren’t even treating him as a respectable human being, since a good friend would never let these stuff happen to his buddies.

Furthermore, I would describe what happened in the picture above as inconsiderate, or to be more precise, immoral. It is a cheap form of entertainment played by inferior and immature adults.

Simmer down, I’m not trying to say that I’m a person with high moral integrity or what. I admit that I’m always the one who laughs the loudest whenever occasions like these occur. Back then in high school I also played this way. Yet in university, for once I also tried to crack an egg on the head of a friend though in the end I failed doing so, the egg didn’t even manage to land on his head. But even if the egg touched his head, I would very sincerely apologise and to be honest if I could go back in time I definitely would have chosen NOT to get involved in the egg-cracking stuff. Anyway, I’m not a virtuous person at all. Nonetheless, yesterday when other Indonesian students ‘bullied’ Fitri, I really felt like: “OMFG how could they even have the heart to treat a girl this way??”

Moreover, once someone is baited on his birthday, he will want to conduct a revenge. How? It is going to be by ragging his friends on their birthdays. It leads me to a question, when the fuck on earth is this deadly cycle going to end? Some people would say that I’m such a wet blanket who doesn’t know how to enjoy university life. If you are one of those people, STFU then. University is not a suitable place for you. Rural areas are. The village kids would be more than honoured to play this game with you.

In a nutshell, I truly find it hard to believe that some people are still doing this for entertainment in the university. Nevertheless I won’t judge these people, at least they have the alacrity to celebrate their friends’ birthdays despite the fact that those celebrations are done in a way that I personally do not accept.

Stop humiliating yourself by lowering your life standards, like seriously. Therefore, it’s time to bring this foolhardiness to a standstill and grow up. 做人不要太過分。己所不欲,勿施於人。


As a friend, I always feel happy when my girls fall in love. As a matter of fact, happy is not even enough to portray how much I feel for them. I’m exhilarated, euphoric, overjoyed. It has always been an indescribable joy to accompany them stalk their crushes, and to make frivolous jokes such as, “Look how messy his moustache is, he must not have been shaving for years!” or “Aiyo dear, you’re so short while he’s so tall, the only thing from his body that you can kiss is his belly button!” or “Dear, when you are bored you can play with his big belly, it must be so freaking elastic! You can see it as a drum as well!” at their crushes.

In the beginning, I thought I could be happy for my girls no matter who they are crazy for, but I was entirely wrong. The moment she fell for or got in a relationship with someone you consider inappropriate, you would realise you wouldn’t feel the same thrill anymore. Okay I absolutely understand that as a good friend I should unequivocally support my girls whatever the decision they made. I’m not that egocentric that I only think about myself and do not take her feelings into my consideration, but there must be a reason why we, her best friends, think he’s inapposite. It’s most likely because he’s only nice to you, because he likes you, while he treats other people like trash. Please utilise your brain and your logical thinking to realise that one day when he stops adoring you he will treat you the way he behaves towards other people! Or perhaps all of us, but you, are aware that he, currently, has a bunch of girls that he as well flirts with?

Keep calm and ponder.

When everyone around you including your own best friends dislike your crush or your boyfriend, you should begin to question why you even like him.


I don’t know if I’m the only person who has this sort of thoughts but sometimes I do feel like God is playing pranks on the lives of the human being that He created. Everyone knows that life is like a wheel which is always turning and evolving, and simultaneously represents the encounter of ups and downs in this very life span.

At some point I might feel dejected, unwanted, miserable, and might come up with other unhappy adjectives to describe my own state of mind. Subsequently, God would put some specific people in my life, either for good purposes or bad ones, then take them away. This would recur and form constant relapses until you realise you’re old. Nah I wasn’t being serious about the being old part.

So why did I say that God is trying to pull our legs? He places several awful people in your life to make you notice the good ones. Bad people are usually pretty bewitching when you first get to know them, but at the end of the day, white rice is what you should eat everyday instead of the spicy hot soup which truly makes you numb. “Okay thanks God so I’ve finally noticed how nice these people have

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I dreamed about recording an album with Mayday last night! How cool was that?

I am my biggest enemy. My fear for something stops me from dreaming and doing anything. At the outset, I thought this trepidation could be overcome but the more I try to ignore it the more I realise that nobody can ever help me on this.


"Don’t find someone who says he doesn’t wanna lose you. Find someone who is scared to lose you.
Don’t know the difference?
I don’t wanna lose my pencil but I’m not scared of losing it, ‘cos it isn’t precious.
Realise that you’re much more precious than a pencil."

Villin Vivian

Mother’s Day ♡



P.S.: 這個時候特別想吃媽媽做的湯圓~~


He might think that I’ve completely moved on, but the truth is I never did. A part of my heart loathes him to the bones to the core to the max, but to be honest, the another part refuses to do so, and it always will…

Even since I was a high school student I’ve been pondering over this peculiar chemistry that happens between male and female. Yeah I admit I didn’t have much experience on this sphere, but it was normal to have questions, wasn’t it? One of my biggest anxieties is: How long does love (between two people of different genders and without consanguinity) actually last? I’ve seen lots of high school couples who seemed to be affectionate towards each other and the next day everything blew up and they would break up. Then you would see the girl/boy in the relationship having a new crush, the story went on until they became a new couple and then broke up again. Isn’t it ironically paradoxical? I know it is not an uncommon phenomenon among juvenile high school students, but it leads me to another question: How many people does a person need to date before finding the true one, and would the last ‘harbour’ feel just as passionate as the first one did? I don’t know.

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